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Message par PierreMarie le Mer 15 Sep - 15:21


September 14th, 2010

* 23138 Build added. This development tree seems better to me at least for battery life
* New sofkey design
* Fixed Settings Exporter (exporter2 folder bug)
* Fixed audiobooster shortcut for GER and FRA ROMs
* Fixed Internet Explorer graphics overlapping in COM2 builds for the HD2
* Virtual memory space allocation tweaked again
* GER and FRA ROMs added for the Rhodium and Topaz (still in beta stage for the translation... ROM itself should be fine. PM me if you see mistakes...)
* A couple of small graphics tweaks
* GTX scrolling in internet tab fixed (thanks to spikersoft for the initiative)
* Other things I forgot to write down ...? hehe

Plus stable et moins gourmande que la précédente Smile

HTC HD2 Orange
MicroSD Transcend 16Go Class6
SPL: HSPL2 1.66
ROM: Artemis V27 FRA
Customization:CHT 1.8.5, DiniK taskbar/Settings,Arthémis Slider19, EX200005 théme

Forfait Orange Origami star+/iphone 3H+3H
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