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|MULTI LANG|LEO|¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.- Energy -.¸¸.·´¯ |Aug 28| 21914||23127 | Sense 2018 | Empty |MULTI LANG|LEO|¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.- Energy -.¸¸.·´¯ |Aug 28| 21914||23127 | Sense 2018 |

Message par PierreMarie le Sam 28 Aoû - 20:44

* 23127 Build from Oboe 1.0.4 Official Shipped ROM
* Blackstone GER ROMs finished
* Setings Exporter is now compatible with all languages
* Fixed World Card Mobile for Blackstone
* Added Format SD Card utility for Rhodium and Leo in Settings\System
* Pyrobob's mods to my taskbar added
* Pyrobob's mods to the messaging client added
* Following packages updated from Oboe 1.0.4 Official Shipped ROM
o Updated RSSHub to
o Updated HTCFramework_1_7_20171620_00
o Updated CMInternetSharing_1_2_E_0 (Wifi Internet Router software)
o Updated TimeZoneAutoFix_1_0_20161329_01
o Updated Text_Selection_1_0_20162130_00 ( Looks like we can cut copy and paste in the email app to now...)
o Updated ClearStorage_2_3_3_0
o Updated Quick_GPS_2_0_20182329_00
o Updated MP3_Trimmer_1_2_20182814_0
o Updated Email_Setup_Wizard_2_3_20182029_20
o Updated Calculator_1_1_20182814_0
o Updated Wi-FiWizard_1_46_2_0
o Updated Menu_Enhancement_1_1_20182925_00 (menus now pop up and out normally in COM3 builds... no more flashing on screen)
o Updated CommManager_2_10_5_0
o Updated Long_Press_End_Key_1_5_20182725_00
o Updated Message_Enhancement_1_2_20181629_00
o Settings_Improvement_1_0_20182927_0
o New_Contact_Card_1_1_20182914_0
o HTCMessage_1_11_281_0
o HTCBookmark_1_0_20182927_0
o HTCBirthday_1_2_0_0
o GroupEditor_1_0_20181314_00
o Contact_Utility_Engine_1_2_20183320_00
o Contact_Picker_1_0_20181326_00
o BrowserSnapshot_1_0_20182927_0
o AppointmentEditor_1_0_20182927_0
o Full_Screen_Player_1_8_20182925_00 (Leo Only)
o Streaming_SDK_2_7_20141626_00 (Leo Only)
o Streaming_Media_3_1_20181419_00 (Leo Only)
o Dshow_2_0_20161331_00 (Leo Only)
o FM_Radio_2_5_20183223_00 (Leo Only)
o HTCLockScreen_2_0_20182027_00

HTC HD2 Orange
MicroSD Transcend 16Go Class6
SPL: HSPL2 1.66
ROM: Artemis V27 FRA
Customization:CHT 1.8.5, DiniK taskbar/Settings,Arthémis Slider19, EX200005 théme

Forfait Orange Origami star+/iphone 3H+3H
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