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[HD2] Arthémis V27 dans la journée Empty [HD2] Arthémis V27 dans la journée

Message par PierreMarie le Dim 1 Aoû - 12:22

[1-8-2010] Ver 27.0
Quick Ref

-ADD Cyberon Voice Speed Dial v1.2 (Voice Command App)
-ADD Wifi Advanced v1.0.5
-ADD Wifi Enroll
-ADD Wifi Information
-ADD Wifi IP
-ADD Microphone AGC
-ADD BT-BPP (Bluetooth Print Protocol. With BT-BPP you can print content from the phone over bluetooth)
-ADD BT-SAP (Service Access Points. With BT-SAP protocol, your sim card can be accessed by a car computer or other devices that display your contacts remotley, etc)

-Update HTC Messaging Client v1.8.2017
-Update HTC Lock Screen
-Update FM Radio
-Update Calculator
-Update Voice Recorder
-Update Contact Picker
-Update Group Editor
-Update HTC Bookmark
-Update Sim Contact Import
-Update New Contact Card
-Update HTC Framework
-Update HTC Geo Service
-Update Shared Resource
-Update Random Access
-Update You Tube
-Update Clear Storage
-Update Connection Setup
-Update Settings Improvement
-Update USB To PC Pop Up
-Update Start Icon Loader
-Update HTCFDN
-Update HTC Settings
-Update CM Caller ID
-Update HTC Message
-Update Artemis Center (v27)
-Fix some translation white dialogs
-Fix m.youtube.com etc flash video problems
-Fix Phone S/N and IMEI numbers

Pas une petite mise à jour ça ! Smile

HTC HD2 Orange
MicroSD Transcend 16Go Class6
SPL: HSPL2 1.66
ROM: Artemis V27 FRA
Customization:CHT 1.8.5, DiniK taskbar/Settings,Arthémis Slider19, EX200005 théme

Forfait Orange Origami star+/iphone 3H+3H
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